The Power Of Mindfulness – Audio Upgrade

Product Published on: 19 July, 2022
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Introducing … The Power Of Mindfulness – Audio Upgrade …

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The Power of Controlling Your Thoughts and Emotions!

Despite appearances, most of us are not truly in control of our own minds. We think we are because we basically have the ability to decide what we want to think about and how we want to act, but this only happens when we consciously make the decision to do that. It only happens when we’re mindful of our thoughts and of our emotions.

The rest of the time however, we are simply free-wheeling and reacting. We don’t give much thought to how we’re thinking or what we’re focussed on and as such, our minds have a way of running away with us.

For instance, you might be walking through a beautiful, scenic location with friends and really you should be in a very happy mood and enjoying yourself. But instead, you’re actually just stressed and angry because you can’t top thinking about work.

As a result, you don’t enjoy your experience and actually it’s pretty bad for your health. But you don’t think about the role your own mind has in this – instead you blame your job. You act like a passive victim with no ability to decide what they will focus on.

Likewise, we will sometimes come home and feel tired and completely devoid of motivation when really we should be focussed and engaged – so we can work out, work on side projects, tidy our homes or do any of the other things that we’re constantly telling ourselves (and other people!) that we’re going to do.

Sometimes we will have difficulty getting to sleep because we can’t stop thinking about the tasks that lie ahead. We don’t approach people in bars or we fail exams because we lack confidence and feel nervous.

So the question in all these scenarios becomes: how do you go about getting back in charge of your thoughts?

How can you decide to stop letting emotions run away with you?

Full details are explained in this eBook …

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