The Lost Art Of Being Present Pack

Product Published on: 4 June, 2021
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Introducing … The Lost Art Of Being Present Pack …

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Discover the Secrets to Experiencing the Beauty of the Present Moment!

Unlock the Keys to a Happier, Calmer, and Fulfilled You!

Introducing : The Lost art of Being Present – How to Live in the NOW & Make Every Moment Count

The Powerful Practices That You’ll Learn In This Life-Changing Guide!

Here are some of the things that you will discover in this life-transforming program :

– The surprising reason why you are always distracted plus how to fix lack of concentration.

– How a little-known and cost-free practice can help you avoid stress and mental disorders.

– The key differences between mindfulness and meditation plus how you can take advantage of both practices.

– How to significantly reduce your stress levels so that you can be happier.

– 4 types of mindfulness activities that can supercharge your ability to stay present.

– The greatest source of distraction that might be affecting you without your knowledge (see chapter 1).

– Do you struggle with negative emotions? Use the techniques in chapter 3 to improve your mood.

– How the little-known concept of Hygee can help you be more mindful.

– What to do instead of wasting your time on digital platforms.

– The most common misconception that most people have about meditation and mindfulness and the truth about these practices.

– 7 life-changing benefits of practicing mindfulness.

– 6 mindfulness techniques that can help you reduce stress.

– How to choose your actions instead of making irrational choices that lead to disasters.

– 7 quick and easy ways to incorporate mindfulness techniques into your exercise routine.

– How to be more present in your life.

– Mindfulness secrets from the happiest countries in the world.

– 5 easy to implement mindfulness tips to help you restore your sleep patterns.

– 10 surprising ways of including mindfulness into your yoga practice.

– Plus many more powerful practices and techniques!

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