My Ad Rotator Script

Product Published on: 21 May, 2017
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Introducing … My Ad Rotator Script …


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Brief Note :


Most people are surprised when they find out just how profitable text ads are.  They often result in far more sales than purely image ads.


This is why hundreds of thousands of sites around the web distribute ads from Google, Yahoo, and countless dozens of other ad networks.  These sites are useful for those just starting out.


But, the problem with these sites is that they either show ads your visitors aren't interested in or they give you a tiny fraction of the revenue they generate. 


This is why a new tool has been created that solves these problems. 


It allows you to show Ads For Top-Selling In-Demand Products Your Website Visitors Desperately Want!


It's called, "My Ad Rotator."  This script rotates custom text ads on an unlimited number of web pages.


Simply pop in your ads to the tool and you instantly get the code for you to insert exactly where you want your ads to appear on your web pages.


You then get ads that are likely to generate you far more revenue than you earn with random network ads.


Here's The Full Range of Benefits This Tool Provides:


–  Supplies fresh and updated content for better results in the search engines!  Since the ads are text, the search engines read it as fresh content, which they love!

–  Rotates as many ads as you want! You no longer have to deal with irrelevant ads that suck-up your valuable web real estate, costing you money.

–  Allows you to conveniently add or remove ads from a single central location!  My Ad Rotator is a breeze to use and manage, even when you're dealing with a lot of pages!

–  Advertises your own products or those you have resale rights to so you keep ALL of the profits!  You can often earn far more from your own products than if you run somebody else's' ads!

–  Gives you the ability to promote proven top-selling affiliate programs where you generate far more than with ads from other sources!  You can now find high-converting sites and generate significant amounts of traffic through your affiliate links!

–  Ensures your ads are relevant to your website visitors and generate gobs of new sales as a result!    You can promote the best selling product in the world, but if your visitors aren't interested in it, then your sales are going to be minimal.

–  Plus, much more!

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