LinkingPowers Pro WordPress Plugin

Product Published on: 23 September, 2020
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Introducing … LinkingPowers Pro WordPress Plugin …

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Brief Note :

Today (thanks to the explosion of the social networks), we can see how millions of links are being naturally shared: News, Sports, Stories etc.

The problem is that most of the people share these sites…For Free (they get no money at all for their actions).

“LinkingPowers” allows you to change this by letting you show your offers over the sites that you recommend.

And this could be great to get more sales and subscribers.

In the Pro version (which you already have), you can enter up to 2 offers. If so, they will be randomly rotated for each visitor.

Once you’ve entered your details for a campaign, click the “Publish” button (which can be usually found on the right).

After publishing this page, you can view it by clicking the “View Page” Button.

This will also give you the chance to get the full url of your campaign (you can share this url on different sites of your choice : your sites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other site).

That’s All!

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