Green Smoothie Cleanse Unleashed

Product Published on: 2 June, 2021
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Introducing … Green Smoothie Cleanse Unleashed …

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How to Use Powerful Smoothies to Increase Your Health in EVERY Way?

Over the years, good old fashioned nutrition has become sorely overlooked. Too often we focus on trying to improve our health using confusing and elaborate fitness programs, fad diets or mysterious supplements.

In reality though, the key to good health is very simple:

. Get lots of sleep

. Get lots of exercise

. Spend time outdoors

. Eat your fruit and vegetables

The problem is that most of us fail on every single one of these factors. And to be fair, we are not entirely to blame. Our modern lifestyles actually make it very difficult for a lot of us to meet these goals and simply aren’t conducive to a well-balanced diet or getting lots of activity.

In terms of exercise, activity and time outdoors, we need to contend with our working schedule. Most of us will get up in the morning and head straight into work by taking some form of public transport or driving.

When we do this, we are sitting. We then get to work and what do we do there? We continue to sit of course! Sit in the dark. While being stressed out.

We come home (sitting) and then we crash out in front of the TV because we’re so exhausted from all the stress of the day. We stay there until bed, having gotten no sunshine and no exercise.

And what are we using to fuel ourselves through all of this?

For the most part, the answer is garbage.

Most of us live on primarily processed foods, which include things like sausage roles, shop-bought quiche, ready-meals, crisps, chocolates and soda drinks.

These foods are high in calories but they’re low in actually useful nutrients. These are what we call ‘empty calories’ because they don’t actually contain anything that is particularly useful for the body.

You can gain weight with them easily, spike your blood sugar with them easily and generally impact your health negatively.

But what you won’t get is any positive effect from filling your body with vitamins and nutrients. Thus your hair, skin, teeth and nails start to become grey and brittle. You don’t sleep as well. You gain weight. Your hormone production gets out of balance. You feel listless and depressed …

Why are we eating like this? Because these are the foods readily available. Sure, there are all kinds of amazing superfood seaweeds, legumes and wild berries out there – but you just try and make these a part of your regular diet and you’ll quickly find it’s not so easy.

You’ll quickly find that preparing these foods takes a lot of time and that you don’t have the money to keep buying new fresh fruits from exotic organic shops.

The answer is simple: smoothies.

Full details are discussed in this ebook …

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