Email Marketing Basics

Product Published on: 24 March, 2023
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Introducing … Email Marketing Basics …

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E-Mail Marketing Can Increase Your Sales, Boost Your Web Site Traffic, And Get Your Message Out World-Wide!

E-Mail Marketing can, and should be, a major part of any attempt to do business online. Being able to get your messages out to your target market, exposing your ideas and products to interested parties, bringing people back to your web sites again and again and being able to drive traffic to affiliate opportunities and related resources is invaluable – and the function of E-Mail Marketing done properly.

But to get to the point where E-Mail Marketing is working up to par for you, there are a number of basics you have to understand – what you can and can’t do, how to build your own targetted opt-in lists, how to get the message out to thousands at once, how often to send out your issues, etc. Whether you’re involved in Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, niche marketing or any other form of online endeavor, it’s imperative you master the basics of E-Mail Marketing!

Introducing … Email Marketing Basics …

Followings are some of what’s included in ‘E-Mail Marketing Basics’:

– What is E-Mail Marketing?

– What is the CANSPAM Act?

– The History of E-Mail Marketing

– What is a Double-Opt-in List?

– Why Build an Opt-in List?

– How to Build your Opt-in List

– Optimizing for AdSense

– How Often Should I Publish?

– How Long Should My Issue Be?

– What Content Should I Send?

– Where To Get Articles Written

– How Can Blogs & Forums Help?

– Using E-Books To Build Your List

– Can a List Be Self-Propagating?

– Using Joint Ventures To Build Your List

– Using Giveaways To Build Your List

– Using Press Releases To Build Your List

– How To Use Autoresponders Properly

– Links To The Necessary Resources

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