Doomscrolling Breakthrough

Product Published on: 9 January, 2023
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Introducing … Doomscrolling Breakthrough …

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Brief Note :

Do you have a doomscrolling habit?

Are you constantly checking your social media accounts for the latest bad news and doom and gloom?

Doomscrolling is a relatively new term used to describe a negative habit that has intensified with the introduction of smartphones and social media.

People are spending a lot of time each day reading about the latest spread of Covid-19, the state of the economy in their country, natural disasters, global warming, the threat of wars, murders and other crimes and more.

There are so many things that can provide you with a negative
experience these days. Every day in the news there are reports of the latest classroom shootings in the United States and the seemingly uncontrollable spread of Covid-19 and its variants.

If you want to put yourself in a negative state of mind then there is plenty of information available for you to do this.

The reporting of bad news is not a bad thing of course. Before the Internet and social media there was bad news being reported on the television news and in newspapers (this is still going on today).

Constantly reading and listening to these bad news reports is not good for your mental health. But it is a habit that you can break.

In this special report we will take a deep dive into doomscrolling (sometimes called “doomsurfing”) and how it can negatively impact your state of mind.

Then we will reveal what you can do to overcome this negative habit and replace it with empowering habits. These empowering habits will transform your life for the better.

OK, let’s get on with it shall we?

In the eBook, we will reveal what doomscrolling really is.

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