Disabling Distraction Pack

Product Published on: 11 December, 2021
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Introducing … Disabling Distraction Pack …

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Here’s How to Skyrocket Your Productivity and Effectiveness!

Get Ready To Be Laser-Focused and Live a Distraction-Free Life!

Introducing : Disabling Distraction – How to Overcome the Scattered Mind and Master Your Focus.

Here are some of the things that you will discover in this life-transforming program:

– 5 signs that you are scatterbrained and easily distracted

– 10 tips to help you control your focus and attention

– The surprising reason why rushing through tasks actually slows you down

– How to create a work environment that supports deep work

– How meditation supercharges your ability to focus

– Why boredom is the key to beating procrastination

– The secret to making even the most mundane tasks interesting

– 12 dangerous habits that are killing your focus and productivity silently

– The truth about quick checks and how they can waste hours of your time

– How to train your mind to focus and prevent it from wandering

– Do you check your phone as soon as you wake up in the morning?
See chapter 2 to find out how this habit can hijack your day.

– The common habit that millions of people do every day that is a sure-fire productivity killer

– One simple change that can improve focus instantly

– What the Zeigarnik Effect is and how it affects your ability to focus

– The number one enemy of success and how to avoid it

– The shocking difference between laziness and procrastination

– 7 signs that you are a procrastinator

– How to beat procrastination for good using science-backed strategies

– 10 rules to help you master your focus and achieve your goals

– How to calm your monkey mind and avoid distractions

– 11 tools to help you fight distraction

– Afraid that you are a tech addict? See chapter 7 for signs of tech addiction

– How to overcome tech addiction

– Plus many more powerful practices and techniques!

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