Dealing With Hearing Loss Pack

Product Published on: 25 March, 2021
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Introducing … Dealing With Hearing Loss Pack …

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Brief Note :

Pack of 5 emails dealing with hearing loss.

Followings are the details:

Email 1

Subject: What to do when your partner can’t hear

Email 2

Subject: Situations that make hearing difficulties worse

Email 3

Subject: Tips for telling others that you can’t hear well

Email 4

Subject: Dealing with tinnitus

Email 5

Subject: Meniere’s disease

This pack also attaches with the following 5 useful articles, as follows:

1. Signs That You Need to Go to the Doctor about Your Hearing

2. How Often Should You Have Your Hearing Tested?

3. Does Hearing Always Get Worse with Age?

4. Common Hearing Problems

5. Are Hearing Issues Inherited?

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