Better Relationships

Product Published on: 15 July, 2021
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Introducing … Better Relationships …

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Without meaning to sound too much like a fortune cookie, it is certainly true that our relationships are what give color and purpose to life in most cases.

A moment is only ever improved by being able to share it with someone else, and most of us would rate having a range of close and deep relationships as being among the most important factors for creating a meaningful life.

If you’ve ever known what it is to be truly lonely, then you’ll recognize the importance of these relationships no doubt. And if you want more proof that relationships are really where it’s all at, then try thinking back to the happiest and best memories of your life.

Isn’t it the case that every single one of those involves other people?

It is perhaps odd then, that relationships are something we never really learn all that much about. There is no lesson we study at school that is dedicated to relationships.

And when it comes to reading self-help books or engaging in selfimprovement generally, all the advice seems to be aimed squarely at building muscle, confidence, or success.

With all that in mind then, read on and in this book, you will learn to master your relationships with others.

You’ll discover how to build longer, lasting friendships, how to have a more romantic and more sexy love life and how to generally have better relationships across the board.

You will see that there is an art and a science to this, and you will learn to master it.

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