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Affiliate Program


The BigProductStore affiliate program is a very lucrative affiliate program as our focus is on recurring membership sales. Unlike traditional affiliate program where you only get the chance to make one commission for your sales referral, the BigProductStore affiliate program give you the chance to generate perpetual recurring commissions from every sales you referred.


In addition to the lucrative recurring commissions offered from our membership sales, our services offering are backed by our high quality product and service offering. The BigProductStore PLR membership is unlike those offered by our competitors; our PLR membership is unique in many ways. We have our own in house built BigProductStore exclusive products where we offer exclusive products for BigProductStore members only. And we also regularly update our website and add new fresh products to our inventory thus increasing customer retention rate. Without high quality product offering and high customer retention rate means high conversion rate and more recurring commissions for you.


So get started today and join our affiliate program today!


If you are an existing affiliate, you may login anytime to your affiliate control panel through this URL.




How much can I make from your affiliate program?


We offer 40% commissions for all sales referred from you and this commission is also applicable for all recurring commissions. For instance, if you referred a monthly membership sale of $19, then your commission will be $7.60 and in addition to that you will also receive a recurring commission payment of $7.60 each month forever as long the customer you referred remains a member on our website.


How will you pay me?


We pay all commissions through PayPal and it is compulsory that you need a PayPal account to join our affiliate program as we can’t pay you if you don’t have a PayPal account.


Are there any geographic restrictions on who can sign up?


No, we accept all affiliates from all over the world as long you have a PayPal account so we can pay you!


Important Note!


Self-generated commission is strictly prohibited under the BigProductStore affiliate program. Commission that generated through this way will be denied.


* Self-generated commission refer to commission that is generated through one’s own purchase. For instance you create an affiliate account solely so you can make purchase for our service or product and receive discount from your own affiliate link.

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